RESC.YOU is a patented system to help and rescue the life of a motorcycle rider. In the case of a crash the most critical injuries are around head and cervical spine. Many times the cervical spine gets hurt by pulling of the rider’s helmet. With the RESC.YOU system the cheekpads can be removed by sliding a button on the outside of the helmet. So the helmet can be pushed off the head more easily.

  • Advanced safety – remove the helmet easily after a crash

  • Homologated – works common regulations like ECE R-22.05, DOT and other

  • Patented – patented concept by a-tec GmbH

Available on the market in these models:

  • KTM APEX – the first helmet equipped with the innovative RESC.YOU System!

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Ullrich Holzhausen is in the motorcycle industry for more than 30 years. 2011 he founded a-tec as a design & development agency with big know-how in the helmet sector. Since then a-tec is working for leading brands from design over development to production and quality control. Ever since the a-tec team has also developed innovative ideas and concepts by themselves.


Knowing all homologations and technical backgrounds we started to research how we can improve the rider safety. We have seen many cheekpad release systems on the market. But having talked to specialists and rescue teams we found out that there was room for innovation. This is why we created RESC.YOU.

“It is always difficult to remove the helmet from an injured rider’s head – the homologations did not take care for this matter properly, so we needed to take action.”


Testing partner

We work together with TÜV Rheinland as an experienced partner in the development and testing of the RESC.YOU system and helmet homologation.

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